1. Who are you?

My name is Keith Noordzy, I am an artist, illustrator, game artist that has been showing my artwork in galleries for over 10 years. You may have seen my work in galleries such as: Gallery 1988, Hero Complex, Oh No Doom, Alpha Cult, and Project Gallery among others across the country. 

2. Why are you selling all your artwork?

As an artist my goal is to sell my artwork for others to enjoy. This isn't all my artwork, mainly pieces I have created over the years are left over from gallery showings. 

3. But why give it away for practically nothing?

I'm doing this because I have artwork in my apartment that has been sitting here for years. Instead of just sitting here, I'd like to get it in to the homes of people that appreciate art, but cannot afford it or can't make it out to galleries. So, I want you to decide how much art is worth to you and how much you want to pay for it. 

2016 hasn't been the best year for anyone. Personally I lost my job and have only been able to do some small freelance projects while juggling large student loan debt, health insurance, and other normal expenses. Right now I am okay financially, so I'm not asking for charity or donations, just that you take this art off my hands so I have more space in my apartment. 

4. Ok, so how does this work?

Glad you asked! All pieces listed here are for sale and are originals. They are first come first serve, so make sure you pick the piece(s) you want and check out because someone else may be doing the same thing. Most pieces start at $1...

Most pieces?

Yes, MOST pieces. All but a few pieces are listed at $1 for sale, there are a couple I could not let go of below a certain amount. I want you to decide how much the piece is worth to you and pay what you want to pay (though, this does require one extra step). In the listing for the piece is a "Recommended" price, which is how much I would like to get for it, or how much I would expect to get for it in a gallery right now. I am not expecting or asking for that much though, it's up to you! 

5. What happens after buying our pieces?

After you buy your piece and check out I will email you with a few options: 

Do you live locally to Los Angeles where you could pick up your piece or will I be shipping it someplace else? 

a. If you live in or near Los Angeles, I would request that you make arrangements to pick up your artwork. 

b. If you live outside of Los Angeles I can ship it to you at your expense.

If the piece is framed would you like me to ship it framed or take it out and ship it flat? This would lower shipping cost significantly on some pieces. 

After buying your piece(s) you can speed things up by emailing me at keith.noordzy@gmail.com, if you want, with the information I listed. 

That's it!

6. You keep saying piece(s), can we get more than one piece of your art? 

Yes, but keep it reasonable.

7. How do we pay for shipping?

Once we have determined whether or not your piece(s) will be shipped framed or not I will send you a shipping quote that you can pay for through Paypal or Venmo and I will ship your order as soon as I receive it. 

Paypal: keith.noordzy@gmail.com (as a friend)

Venmo: @keithnoordzy

If you want to combine orders with someone else please have both parties email me saying you would like to do so. 

8. So, what do we do if we want to pay more than $1?

If you are interested in paying more for a piece than $1 then all you need to do is add however much extra when paying for shipping and let me know in the notes that that's what the extra is for. 

9. Anything else?

That's about it. Any questions please feel free to email me at keith.noordzy@gmail.com.

Good luck!